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The currant has a long history that goes back to ancient Greece. It was brought to Europe by the Romans, where it was cultivated as a medicinal plant and fruit tree in the Middle Ages. Today it is one of the most popular berry fruits in the world and is prized for its high vitamin C content. Currants are used both fresh and processed in the kitchen and are also popular in the cosmetics industry.


Did you know …Currants come in red, white and black, each with a different flavour and use in cooking and baking.


Germany, Poland


Currants are very sensitive and therefore can only be stored for a limited time. At temperatures of 7-10°C, short storage is possible, which at the same time preserves the aroma.

Varieties available at Llombart

verschiedene rote, weiße und schwarze Sorten

Brands available at Llombart

Sonnenkinder, Absolut Badisch