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Most grapes are processed into wine. The varieties that are offered for consumption are called table grapes. Strictly speaking, the grape is the entire umbel and the individual fruit is the berry. In the premium range, individual umbels can weigh up to two kilos. The berries are round, oval to elongated. There are greenish, yellow, amber, red, blue and black-blue varieties. Grapes are not washed after harvesting so that the natural scent film is not damaged and so that moisture does not cause spoilage. Therefore, grapes must be washed directly before consumption.

Did you know? … It is one of the oldest forms of crop and today counts around 16,000 grape varieties.


Spain and Italy


In the refrigerator – protected from drying out – grapes can be stored for up to 14 days. Outside the fridge, unfortunately, they are often quickly ‘swarmed’ by flies.

Varieties available at LLOMBART

Thompson Seedless, Crimson Seedless, Ara varieties, Itum varieties, Candy varieties, Sable, Sweet Sapphire, Autumn-Royal, Superior, Crisp varieties, and more

Brands available at LLOMBART

SONNENKINDER, Klein aber Fein, Moyca, La Moreneta, Amaya and other supplier brands