About the product

Peppers, or to be more precise, vegetable peppers, are available in various colours and shapes. A distinction is made between the thick-walled block type, the pointed type and the flat round tomato type. The block type is the most popular in Germany because of its mild-sweet taste, but the pointed pepper with thin fruit walls and a tangy-aromatic taste is becoming more and more important. Relatively new on the market are small, mild snack pepper varieties. Peppers can be eaten both unripe (mostly green) or ripe in yellow, orange and red, even when raw.

Did you know? …The pepper is already a vitamin bomb when unripe. Ripe peppers have even more vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids and also sugar, which makes them taste even sweeter. Flavonoids increase the vitamin effect by 20 times.




Peppers are sensitive to cold; therefore, the fine pods should not be stored below 7°C.

Varieties available at LLOMBART

Sweet pepper (California Wonder), Pointed pepper

Brand available at LLOMBART

Klein aber Fein, Daza and other supplier brands.