About the product

Since 2016, Llombart has increasingly offered Spanish premium range cherries. These are new hard cherry varieties from the USA. Some producers have specialised in these types of cherries. The varieties are dark, crunchy and very flavoursome.

Cherries do not ripen after harvest. Therefore, if they are picked before their time, they remain unflavoured.

Did you know? … Cherries make you happy – especially morello cherries. These contain particularly high levels of the amino acid trypthopghan, a building material for various happiness hormones.




Cherries can be kept in the refrigerator at 2-4 °C for a few days. However, care should be taken not to store rotten fruit, as it spreads quickly.

Varieties available at LLOMBART

We have a wide range of cherry varieties available. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Brands available at LLOMBART

SONNENKINDER, Klein aber Fein