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Persimmons are botanically berry fruits and ripen very late, usually after the leaves have fallen in autumn. In Spain, the predominant variety is Rojo Brillante which is also our main variety. The persimmon has been on the rise for a good 15 years. The persimmon can be eaten like an apple and when it is very ripe and soft, you can also spoon it.

Did you know? … Persimmons are one of the post-ripening fruits. When unripe, the fruit leaves a furry film in your mouth and tastes rather bitter. This is due to the tannic acid that is normally broken down in ripening chambers.




Persimmons are best stored in a cool but not cold place. Depending on the degree of ripeness, they will also keep in the fruit basket for up to a week.

Varieties available at LLOMBART

Rojo Brillante

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SONNENKINDER, Coagri, Cohoca und Rana