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Watermelons are round or cylindrical fruits, depending on the variety. They are dark green to dark blue-green (Sugar Baby) or irregularly yellow-green striped (Crimson Sweet). In Germany, mainly small fruits are offered, weighing between 1 and 6 kg. The red-fleshed varieties predominate. Low-seeded varieties are particularly popular, and there are also yellow-fleshed varieties. If you hear a hollow sound when you tap the fruit (the fruit vibrates), it is ripe. Watermelons must be harvested when ripe because they do not ripen.

Did you know? … The watermelon has been cultivated for 4,000 years and can weigh up to 20 kg. Especially in hot countries, rather larger fruits are popular because it consists of 95% water and is therefore an excellent thirst quencher.


Spain, Senegal


Watermelons are sensitive to cold and should not be stored below 12°C.

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Fashion®, Type Fashion, Sugar Baby, Crimson Sweet

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