About the product

The pink orange, as we call it in our house, was created by a sweet whim of nature. The aroma of this orange is another special feature, in addition to the colour of its flesh. Its taste is unique, reminiscent of roses, cherries and berries. It has very little acidity. It is also known as California Rojo or Red Navel.

Did you know? … Responsible for the pink colouring is the secondary plant substance lycopene, an antioxidant that protects the cells. We see great potential and real added value for the consumer in the pink and red varieties. Our aim is to be able to offer lycopene oranges for eight months of the year. We are getting closer and closer to this goal in our own fields.


Spain and South Africa


Temperatures around 8°C are ideal. The cellar is best suited.

Varieties available at LLOMBART

Cara Cara, Kirkwood, (Red Lina coming soon)

Brands available at LLOMBART

Pretty in Pink, La Vie en Rose, SONNENKINDER, Bici Bio