About the product

Before the orange existed, its colouring was called dark yellow. The fruit gave the colour its name.

Oranges need a lot of sun to become a real taste sensation. The best oranges ripen in the outer parts of the tree, where the sun reaches them best. Occasionally their peel shows slight scratches. These are caused by branches from the vicinity. This does not affect the quality of the fruit. With this fruit the success story of LLOMBART began.

Did you know? … The family of blond oranges includes the Salustiana, the Valencia as well as their sisters. They are ideal as fruit juice oranges. There are also Navel oranges, which give themselves away by their name and usually have a pronounced navel. They are excellent eating oranges, can of course also be pressed, but the juice should be consumed quickly. This is because they contain limonin, which makes the juice bitter after a while.


Spain (outside the Spanish season: South Africa and South America)


Temperatures around 8°C are ideal. The best place is the cellar.

Varieties available at LLOMBART

Navelina, Salustiana, Washington Navel, Navel Late, Lane Late, Navel Powell, Navel Chislett, Valencia Late, Midknight, Delta Seedless.
On special customer request, we can also supply bitter oranges.

Brands available at LLOMBART

SONNENKINDER, Klein aber Fein, Valensina, Orange X-Press, Bici, Bici Bio, Marilou, Bollo, Filósofo, Nelly, Frupale, Direkt von der Finca