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This popular citrus fruit originated in Asia and conquered the Mediterranean region in the 19th century. It is particularly popular because of its easy peelability. The family of tangerines include satsumas, clementines and several hybrid varieties. Satsumas are very popular in the Anglo-Saxon region. Clementines are widely used because of their easy peelability and because they have no seeds. In recent years, a lot of interesting hybrid varieties have come onto the market, which particularly enrich the after-season.

Did you know? … Tangerines and clementines, like all other citrus fruits, do not ripen after harvest. Green shades may appear here and there, but this says nothing about the degree of ripeness of the fruit. They are still aromatically sweet and their quality is not affected. Especially at the beginning of the season, ripe fruits are still green, which is why they are degreened in chambers with the help of heat. This gives them their typical light orange to reddish colour.




Temperatures around 8°C are ideal. The best place is the cellar. There are varieties, such as Clemenvilla, that turn brown at temperatures below 8°C.

Varieties available at LLOMBART

Clementines: Marisol, Clemenrubí, Oronules, Clemenpons, Oroval, Esbal, Clemenules, Clementina Fina, Sando, Hernandina
Hybrid varieties: Clemenvilla, Nadorcott, Tang Gold, Sigal, Ortanique (juice mandarin), Murcott, Orri

Most varieties are also available with leaf.

Brands available at LLOMBART

SONNENKINDER, Klein aber Fein, Valensina, Bici, Filósofo, Bollo, Gragón, Papillón, Villa María