Liliane Llombart invited to the panel talk at the spring reception of the city of Lahr

Under the motto “DAS KANN LAHR”, this year’s spring reception of the city offered a varied programme of culture and dialogue. Our Managing Director Liliane Llombart had the honour of taking part in the reception’s panel discussion. An opportunity to present our company and at the same time talk about our city as a business location.
Liliane also spoke about the current transition in company succession and the associated challenges. When asked why she decided to take on the succession in the family business, Liliane explained that she had already focussed her entire professional career on taking on a management role in the company after graduating from high school. She also wants to honour her father Juan Llombart’s life’s work and maintain his professional legacy.
She particularly emphasised the social responsibility of our company. At a time when society is facing increasing division, we cultivate a world view that can have a supportive and strengthening effect. Our company is not only a family business, but also a home of choice for employees from different cultural backgrounds. We offer a supportive environment where everyone pulls together as equals.
Another important aspect she mentioned is our long-term mindset and approach. LLombart GmbH is not dependent on the short-term interests of investors, but favours long-term strategic decisions based on partnership.
We are not just a company, but a community that is committed to a common goal: sustainable success, both for us and for the society in which we live and work.

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