Valensina juice oranges come from the best cultivation areas of Spain, Italy and overseas. Through our many years of experience and intensive cooperation with qualified partners on site we consistently offer juice oranges of the highest fruit quality. Valensina juice oranges are only sold, when they meet our quality requirements.


Salustiana juice orange

The Salustiana was created around 1950 by a natural mutation of the old Blancas variety from Enova (Valencia) and is regarded as one of the juiciest oranges on earth.

Navelate juice orange

The Navelate, which was discovered in Vinarós (Castellón) in 1948, is regarded as the finest of all oranges.

Valencia Late

The Valencia Late was presumably brought to Europe from Asia by the Portuguese and is the most common juice orange worldwide.

Moro blood orange

It is descended from the Italian Sanguinello Moscata. It acquires the red pigmentation when night temperatures drop below 12°C.

Ortanique juice mandarin orange

The ortanique is a cross between orange and tangerine. It originally comes from Jamaica.

Star Ruby juice grapefruit

The grapefruit came from a cross between shaddock and orange. The Star Ruby variety is very strongly pigmented and originally comes from Texas.



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