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Mr. Stihler Interview

Sonnenkinder - Clementines have managed it all the way up ! The architect and mountaineer Richard Stihler from Lahr; has this year in May, made it to the summit of Mount Everest ( 8850m ), the highest mountain in the world. Our Sonnenkinder accompanied him on this journey tucked safe and sound in his backpack.

But the Himalayas is not the only mountain which the ambitious Lahrer has climbed. He is currently in the process of completing the "Seven Summits" (the highest mountains of the seven continents), The completion of which is considered to be particularly challenging among climbers .
With Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), Aconcagua (South America) , Mount Everest (Asia), the Carstensz Pyramid ( Oceania ) , Elbrus (Europe) and Mount McKinley ( North America ), he has already climbed six of the seven mountains. In order to complete his target only the Mount Vinson (Antarctica) is missing.

• Since when did you aspire to be a mountain climber? Was it a childhood dream to climb the roof of the world? Or have the ambitious goals such as the Seven Summits arisen in the course of your mountaineering career?
I was already fascinated by the mountains even as a young child. As a boy I was often away with my father to the Alps for weekend trips and when I was 18 years old I completed the certification for  DAV- ski-touring guide .

The Seven Summits climb was never really something that I was aiming for. But it just happened as I realized that I was gradually climbing some of the seven highest peaks. By my climbing partner I was then persuaded to go to Mount Everest - a tour that I had never really planned. And now it has been six of the seven peaks, in a few weeks we go to Antarctica to complete the circle.

• Mr. Stihler, has a vitamin rich diet always been important for you or did it only change in preparation for the expedition?
A balanced diet has always been a high priority for us at home. However, I have had to create a special diet to prepare for Mount Everest.

• Are there any special dietary requirements for dieting?
I started about 6 months before the expedition to switch my diet. The carbohydrates were largely regulated (the empty carbs like sugar, white flour, etc. completely deleted), instead, I was deliberately set on protein and vitamins. So ate more clementine’s and orange’s than I had done previously.

• How long do you have to prepare for such a project, and what does this preparation look like?
This specific preparation lasted six months. I do, ​​at this time about 20h of sports per week. This includes; running, cycling, some strength training as well as cross-country skiing, ski touring and climbing. However, my basic endurance was already very good. My whole life is driven around sports, I climb 50 peaks in a year and I have already been on numerous expeditions before Everest.

• What are the most difficult moments?
It was difficult for example when I had to wait for days to receive the crucial clearance because the weather conditions were too bad. All high camps are established, you have adapted to the height, spent months training and preparing, have invested a lot of money and then you realize that you are getting weaker and that the motivation wanes. It is the real challenge, then again to overcome the baser instincts, still to be strong enough to pursue your goals and to give everything.

• What did you feel when you finally arrived at the top and how did you feel afterwards, when the descent safely behind?
At the summit, even though you realize that you've made it to the top you also have in mind that the hardest part the descent is yet to come. The exhilaration comes only when you get back to base camp. This is where you free untold inner reserves and forces. So I managed to walk back to Lukla, we actually scheduled eight days for the descent however I did it In only 1 1/2 days. And since then all the emotions were high. An indescribable feeling.





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