varieties available at Llombart:

Star Ruby

brands available at Llombart:

Sonnenkinder, Klein aber Fein, Valensina, Bici


Natural habitat: Spain, South Africa

About the product: Grapefruits taste refreshingly sharp. Unlike other varieties the Star Ruby is sweeter, more aromatic and less bitter, which is why it is particularly loved..

Peculiarities: Their fruit is a cross between orange and shaddock. Over several months they ripen in a grape-like umbel (GRAPEfruit). Their tender red pulp gets its coloring from the plant pigment lycopene. The bitter parts of the fruit are the skins of the segments.

In some circumstances combining grapefruits and medicines can be unhealthy. Therefore consult your doctor or pharmacist when taking medicines.

Storage: Grapefruits should preferably be stored cool, but not cold. Ideal temperatures are between 10-15°C. When the skin is undamaged, they can be kept for a very long time and taste best, when they appear somewhat mature.



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