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We guarantee you freshness, quality and absolute reliability: For about 50 years our group of companies has been an important partner when it comes to fruit and vegetables - the specialist in the import and export of citrus and stone fruits, vegetables, strawberries and lettuce.

Five decades of experience and success

The Beginnings

The company founder Miguel Llombart left Nules in Spain for Germany in 1960. His aim was to build up a distribution chain in Germany for oranges and clementines from his home region. Apart from working as a foreman in a cement and concrete factory in Nürtingen he regularly went to the Stuttgart central market to take delivery of goods and to search for customers.

In 1961 Miguel Llombart founded his import company in Kehl, Baden-Württemberg - because of the customs post, port, railway junction and the border station present there.


Llombart (specializing in citrus fruits) merged with Laurent Jestin (vegetables, apples, lettuce) from France in 1965. In 1976 there was a friendly split. The “Llombart/Anecoop” cooperation that followed would be exclusive agent for Scandinavia for 15 years.

In 1975 Roberto and Miguel Llombart became authorized signatories. Juan Llombart became a quality control officer.

In 1981 Llombart Spain was founded - with the aim of better structuring the processes. Subsequently priorities lay in the areas of citrus fruits, stone fruits, vegetables and lettuce. Llombart Spain coordinated exports to Scandinavia, England, Canada and the USA. Direct from Germany deliveries were made within the country as well as to Austria and Italy.


In 1991 Roberto Llombart became the manager and Juan Llombart became authorized signatory. The company headquarters was moved to Schillerstrasse, Lahr. After a short while a new company building was erected and occupied at 4 Hermann Waibel Weg. In 1998 Orange X-Press was founded.

In 1999 Juan Llombart took over management of the company. In 2004 importation of vegetables commenced.



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